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Why would anyone want an Heating and Air Conditioning?

Why would anyone want an Heating and Air Conditioning component that barely works? As an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman, I am astounded by people who want to keep their aged furnace or central a/c component toiling for a few more years… IN the Heating and Air Conditioning business, I am the Heating and Air […]

My wake up alarm is also our AC machine

When I talk to people about sleep habits, I’m often shocked as well as appalled at what they say, then as someone who suffered from insomnia for most of our life, I understand that it can be a challenge to get to sleep! That’s why I don’t understand why people make it even more hard […]

My spouse prefers going stargazing with me

In our experience, there’s nothing more good than gazing at the stars, especially with a powerful telescope, then when I first met our spouse, I got her into watching the stars with me; She always insisted on bringing a warm blanket & a portable furnace, and i never absolutely brought a portable heating system with […]

The air quality in our home needs a boost

I have been noticing lately that our home smells ancient plus musty. I suppose that usually people go noseblind to their own houses, so our home must definitely smell awful if that’s the case! In other words, if I suppose it smells awful plus I really live there, then other people must suppose that it […]

It’s taxing to meet boys when you’re on lockdown

I suppose that he thought I was a little bit unusual because I wouldn’t stop talking to him while he was toiling It’s taxing being single occasionally… These days, when we’ve been on quarantine for so long, it’s been especially hard. All of us have basically been locked down in our home for the past […]