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Fall is finally on the way

I’m so excited to see the fall coming, and I know that the weather cooling off some is really just around the corner. It’s been a long, tepid Summer but fall is finally on the way. This year, I was start to wonder if the temperature was ever going to start cooling down. We have […]

I like patronizing small suppliers

I absolutely like to patronize small suppliers whenever I can. I have always thought that it’s a great system to support local and family owned suppliers instead of giving my cash to larger corporations. That’s especially tplot for me these afternoons when I’ve been doing a lot of labor on my house. We have been […]

I am finding new ways of making friends

For years, I’ve been trying to find just the right heating & cooling company. I have tried all of the Heating & A/C dealers around myself and others for miles, but up until now, I have never entirely found a single that I liked before. It took myself and others more than 2 years & […]

I really did think that was a good idea

I entirely care about to patronize small dealers whenever I can. I have consistently thought that it’s a relaxing idea to support local & family owned dealers instead of giving our money to bigger corporations. That’s especially tscheme for myself and others these afternoons when I’ve been doing a lot of work on our house. […]

Cleaning the air ducts out very quickly

Back in the Springtime when both of us had our Heating & A/C company come to the home to do our air conditioner tune up, she told us another thing that both of us had never entirely entirely thought about before. She was checking out our ventilation idea while she was there & she told […]