Air purifiers are a need for today and the future.

My dad is a big believer in rewarding me for good work.

When I graduated from high school, he rewarded me with the ability to go to college.

He also gave me ten shares of stock in an upcoming air purification company. I had never heard of the company, but my dad guaranteed that in the next ten years, it was going to soar. Four years later, I was graduating college. My father gave me ten more shares of stock for the air filtration company and ten from my favorite soda company. He assured me again, that the stock for the air filtration company was going to soar. They were working on an air filter that would rival the HEPA air filter, but it would be available for all HVAC systems and it would be affordable. I watched those stocks for almost two years and all I saw was ten or fifteen cents in that entire time. When the pandemic started, so did the stock start to soar. I couldn’t believe how much it was raising. Within two months into the pandemic, it had gone so high that I thought I should sell the stocks. I decided to keep it, against my better judgment. HEPA air filters were constantly in demand and the need for air purification was also on the rise. It was a good thing that I kept that stock when after six months, the country was still in the grip of the pandemic. I’m glad I saved the stock for the air filtration company. HEPA air filter filters are in big demand and my company’s air filters are right there, growing steadily with them.
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